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Taking advantage of the characteristics of refrigerants such as with R410-a refrigerant, it can provide fuel-less heating in the winter and very high efficiency cooling during the summer. At New Jersey Oil and Gas we will show you how this is done economically and why it is so conducive to the use of renewable energy such as with solar electric power that is plentiful and free to everyone on this planet.

Reduce your carbon footprint and help our planet Earth by stopping the burning fossil of fuel while achieving cost free energy independence.
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Alternative HVAC, Heating and Cooling Using Renewable Energy

                                                                          ABOUT VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY ALTERNATIVE AIR CONDITIONING

Why use Fuel-less Heating?

Fuel-less heating can be derived from many sources but to point out one source in particular it is that from refrigerant based HVAC Systems. Highly matured, proven and readily available, VRF (variable refrigerant flow) HVAC utilize the power of refrigerants to achieve very efficient air conditioning to provide heating and cooling.

The use of air source thermal heating in HVAC can provide up to 400% in efficiency while ground source thermal applications can produce even higher efficiencies in the range of up to 600%. Try to achieve that level of efficiency with fossil based fuels and you canít! That is why it is imperative for our benefit to begin using this type of technologies as soon as possible.

Although I will be talking primarily about very highly efficient HVAC systems utilizing renewable air source for cooling and heating, it is because a lot of us are city dwellers and do not have access to ground source thermal cooling and heating. I also want to briefly mention that the ground temperatures on the Northern areas of the United States are near a constant 50 degree Fahrenheit temperature all year round. This is why using ground source heating is so much more efficient than other types of heating. The earth can act like a giant radiator to disperse heat during the summer months with its 50 degree temperature and during the winter exchanging zero degree temperature also for 50 degrees to enable more efficient heating cooling.

How does Fuel-less Heating work?

During the winter months these air conditioning systems send the refrigerant outdoors to boil. Refrigerants have the ability to boil at temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. When refrigerants boil it creates heat. All that needs to be done then is to circulate this heat indoors to provide comfort.

During the summer when the weather is hot, the refrigerant is allowed to boil indoors and the heat is sent outdoors. This process allows the indoor air to cool just like traditional air conditioning systems such as with Central AC utilizing an evaporator coil and an outdoor condensing unit.

With VRF HVAC systems however, the refrigerant is varied by a computer circuit using sensors to determine the workload in order to increase efficiency. It is so sophisticated that it can follow the path of the sun where it is directing its heat the most on a building structure and is able to send more of its cooling there as oppose to another area. Trane and Mitsubishi VRF systems take it one step further and allow the heat extracted from one location be brought to another while providing cooling and heating at the same time. It is use of efficiency at its best. An example of this is a computer room that needs to be cooled; heat is extracted from this location and then re-directed to another area to give an office worker that is feeling cold, comfort. And so the computers are cooled while people remain comfortable all at the same time. Mitsubishi Electric and Trane has a full line of VRF systems that utilize air source thermal to provide heating and cooling from the largest applications to small residences. Mitsubishi HVAC systems that use VRF technology are widely used in Europe and Asia. These VRF HVAC systems are very high in efficiency especially in duct-less installations where duct losses are minimized. When incorporated with Ventilators that have excellent heat ex-changers, a buildingís conditioned environment is maintained better with energy consumption further minimized. Trane, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Daikin, LG, Samsung are other HVAC manufacturers that have VRF systems. For homes however, our recommendation is Mitsubishi/Trane or Fujitsu General ductless mini-split air conditioning systems. With heating capability down to below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, able to heat at lower temperatures is becomingly normal. With large commercial applications, Mitsubishi Electric and Trane VRF is our top recommendation.

We specialize in VRF systems and are trained and certified on the whole product line of Trane/Mitsubishi Electric City Multi HVAC systems that can provide simultaneous heating and cooling; also from Fujitsu as well, world renowned for its most efficient cooling. These types of systems also provide outstanding filtration, individual temperature or zoning control, timers, sensing of movement to lessen energy consumption, and internet monitoring among others. When heating is done through VRF systems like the ones manufactured by Fujitsu and Trane/Mitsubishi, for every dollar spent on heat you get four dollars back in heat compared to fossil fuel heated systems. Even with highly efficient oil or gas heating, the maximum you are going to get is less that 100% in efficiency when using fossil fuel as source.

Why not help our planet Earth with non-polluting heat that is comfortable and energy efficient? Switch to Fuel-less heating instead.

Using Solar Powered Renewable Energy for HVAC

Now that we have covered fuel-less heating with highly efficient cooling coupled with low loss ventilation, lets talk about the the next step; which is energy independence using renewal energy sources that are plentiful and free.

There are many sources of renewable energy: wind, waves, waterfalls, crops, our sun, etc. However, we are going to focus mainly on Solar Powered HVAC.

Solar Electric is a great provider of electricity that can be achieve almost anywhere on earth. If you live and work in the city, you can have access to sunshine on your roof or the side of your building. Here in Northeast America, New Jersey to be exact, a southern exposure to the sunís rays is best.

When you live in a major city in New Jersey such as Newark or Jersey City, you have access to electricity from the Utility Company. This acts as a giant battery to store excess solar electric power during the daylight hours and then able to retrieve it back at night time where there is no sun.

To run HVAC systems on renewable energy such as with solar, all you need is exposure to the sun. Whether it is summer or winter the sunís ray provide power. When light from the sun hits the solar cells inside a solar panel, electricity is produced of the direct current variety. These solar panels depending on how many they are determine the amount of power they produce as measured in Watts. Solar panels can be hooked up serially, in parallel, or combination there-of to achieved the desired voltage and current needed. Incidentally, the dc power produced by a solar panel is conducive to areas that have no electricity and requires a battery backup when the sun sets to provide electricity. Voltage regulators then determine how a battery backup is charged. This cycle again is repeated depending on the usage of electricity and the sunís availability.

When running HVAC and other items (lights, television, cooking, etc.) this solar electric power is converted to AC (alternating current) by inverters that convert DC to AC and apply the correct frequency of an AC cycle that is required by household appliances as well as the HVAC system. This applies to whether it is residential or a large commercial establishment that uses a lot of power.

Since sunlight is free - it is to our advantage to make the best use out of it, especially in reducing our carbon footprint that is detrimental to our well being.

With Solar Electricity and HVAC we can combine comfort and affordability into one. Help our planet stay pure so that we and our children, grandchildren, and grandchildren's children can all benefit from it for a long long time.
We provide HVAC repairs and Installation service in New Jersey. We are a provider of Fuel-less heating systems and high efficiency air conditioning. We repair oil and gas heat in Newark, Jersey City, Linden, Elizabeth, Union, Bergen, Passaic, Essex and other cities and counties of New Jersey.

We at New Jersey Oil and Gas Ė Alternative Heating and Cooling provide your commercial business, residential home, or organization with the Best of Breed when it comes to HVAC solutions along with World Class Service. Our Fuel-less heating and very high efficiency cooling solutions are second to none. When it comes to HVAC solutions as it pertains to heating ventilation and air conditioning we are your one stop provider. We not only provide HVAC solutions regarding the use of Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, and Propane (LP gas) but also help you switch to Fuel-less heating and highly efficient air conditioning that uses renewable energy resources such as with Solar Electricity.

We service homes and business establishments at major cities in Northern New Jersey that includes Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, North Bergen, Clifton, Linden, Elizabeth, Passaic, Edison, Ft. Lee, Paterson, and others in Hudson, Passaic, Union, Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, Sussex, and Somerset counties.

If you are located in the following city, county, township, or municipality of New Jersey your commercial business, residential home, or organization is within our reach: Hudson County; Bayonne, East Newark, Guttenberg, Harrison, Hoboken, Jersey City, Kearny, North Bergen, Secaucus, Union City, Weehawken, West New York. Expert HVAC is available in all of Hudson County.

If your commercial business, residential home, or organization are located in Union County: Berkeley Heights, Clark, Cranford, Elizabeth, Fanwood, Garwood, Hillside, Kenilworth, Linden, Mountainside, New Providence, Plainfield, Rahway, Roselle, Roselle Park, Scotch Plains, Springfield, Union, Summit, Westfield, Winfield we provide oil, gas, heating and air conditioning services. We also provide Fuel-less heating in Union County. We are Mitsubishi trained on Trane and Mitsubishi's City Multi VRF AC systems that provide fuel-less heating and very efficiency air conditioning.

With respect to Bergen County: Palisades Park, Leonia, Ridgefield, Fort Lee, Closter, Englewood Cliffs, Norwood, Edgewater, Cresskill, and Demarest we service your oil and gas heating too as well as air conditioning and Fuel-less or Alternative heating from Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and Trane.

In Passaic County: Bloomingdale, Clifton, Haledon, Hawthorne, Little Falls, North Haledon, Passaic, Paterson, Pompton Lakes, Prospect Park, Ringwood, Totowa, Wanaque, Wayne, West Milford, and Woodland Park HVAC service for air conditioning, Oil, Natural Gas, and Propane repair service is at your fingertip.

For Essex County: Belleville, Bloomfield, Caldwell, Cedar Grove, East Orange, Essex Fells, Fairfield, Glen Ridge, Irvington, Livingston, Maplewood, Millburn, Montclair, Newark, North Caldwell, Nutley, Orange, Roseland, South Orange, Verona, West Caldwell, and West orange affordable and efficient air condition services and installation is available to you. Our Energy assessment is free of charge in Essex County, New Jersey and we highly recommend Mitsubishi Electric or Trane for ductless required VRF AC systems.

Middlesex County is also part of our commercial business, residential home, or organization service area: Carteret, East Brunswick Township, Edison Township, Helmetta, Middlesex, Milltown, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Piscataway Township, Sayreville Borough, South Amboy, South Plainfield, South River, Spotswood, and Woodbridge. We offer oil burner, oil boiler repair service as well as air conditioning installation in the above Middlesex County cities, township, and boroughs.

Likewise for Somerset county businesses and homes: Bedminster, Bernards, Bernardsville, Bridgewater, Far Hills, North Plainfield, Peapack-Gladstone, Somerville South Bound Brook, and Watchung we offer oil, gas, and air conditioning repair services and installation.

If you are in Morris County: Boontown, Butler, Chatham, Chester, Denville, Dover, East Hanover, Florham Park, Hanover, Harding, Jefferson, Kinnelon, Lincoln Park, Long Hill, Madison, Mendham Borough, Mendham township, Mine Hill, Montville, Morris Plains, Morris, Mount Arlington, Mount Olive, Netcong, Parsippany-Troy Hills, Riverdale, and Wharton we service your oil, gas, propane and Central AC as well as other types of air conditioning systems such as Ductless VRF AC from Trane and Mitsubishi Electric.
Joseph Routis, Gen. Manager & Master HVACR - NJ Lic. No. 6627
A DBA of Handymen of America
We also repair ductless air conditioning with fuel-less heating in Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, Kearny, N. Bergen and Hoboken. Chillers such as from SpacePak offers high efficiency  heating and cooling and a source of Fuel-less heating. We install and service LG ductless air conditioning in Harrison, Bloomfield, Linden, Elizabeth, Clifton, Paterson and Passaic NJ. We are Mitsubishi/Trane factory certified for air conditioning with heating & cooling. We install Trane/Mitsubishi ductless ac in 
NJ. Mitsubishi VRF heating and cooling utilize refrigerant to provide Fuel-less heating. We install Mitsubishi ductless ac in NJ. We service Trane/Mitsubishi VRF ductless AC in Hudson, Bergen, Union, Essex, Middlesex, Sussex, Somerset, and Morris NJ.

Very High Efficiency Alternative Air Conditioning

The Road to Green Alternative Air Conditioning and use of Plentiful Renewable Energy.

Above is Joseph Routis, author of this Alternative Energy Information. The use of highly efficient variable refrigerant flow systems for heating and cooling to provide air conditioning is a coherent path to take in HVAC towards the goal of utilizing clean energy from renewable sources.

Heating that does not depend on the burning of fossil fuel for combustion helps reduce our carbon footprint; and when combined with the use of renewable energy sources such from air, ground, and sun, it provides for very high efficiency heating and cooling which is non-polluting and at very little or no cost to run once installed.

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Alternative HVAC - Heat and Cool with Renewable Energy

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